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Wise Choice Medicine Can-C Eye Drops Wise Choice Medicine Can-C Eye Drops

N-Acetyl-Carnosine (Can-C™) Cataract Eye Drops – Non-Surgical Cataract Reversal

Over the last 10 years this, non-invasive, N-acetylcarnosine eye drop, has generated Thousands of reports of Safe and Effective Cataract Reversal. Initial results are seen in just 3 months, with optimal results after 6-12 months. And yes, you can use Can-C eye drops on your beloved pets who are suffering with cataracts as well!

 Can-C™ Eye Drops applied for 6-months, (twice daily into the eye), in patients suffering from senile cataract, had the following results:

  • 90% had an improvement in visual acuity.
  • 88.9% had an improvement of glare sensitivity.
  • 41.5% had an improvement of the transmissivity of the lens.

In a separate study done on dogs, topical application of Can-C 1% N-acetylcarnosine eye drop solution twice daily to cataracts improved visual behavior of the animals within weeks of treatment, with 96% of canine eyes (both immature and ripe cataracts) treated with Can-C showing notable improvements.

Still not convinced? Then check out the other published clinical trials demonstrating Can-C’s effectiveness, and help yourself to a serving of Customer Testimonials while you’re at it.

Wise Choice Medicine is committed to providing only products that are supported by credible clinical research. They are not medical professionals and therefore can offer no medical advice however they believe in the individuals' right to pursue health treatments of their own choice.  They find that their customers are generally very well informed and have chosen to take responsibility for their own health.  They provide much supportive data on the research behind their products to hopefully aid their customers in making good decisions for themselves and for their loved ones. Above all they aim to provide their customers around the world with the level of confidence that only comes from excellent customer service and excellent products. They sincerely hope that you will allow them the opportunity to serve you.

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