Tell EPA’s Leader: Step Up and Protect Bees


Bees are dying off at unprecedented rates. While EPA has taken little action to protect bees from harmful pesticides, the agency’s leader can step it up.

Join us in calling on Gina McCarthy to make pollinator protection a priority under her leadership!

EPA’s current plan is to finish reviewing neonics by 2018. But with beekeepers reporting losses last year of 40 to 70 percent, it’s clear bees can’t wait four more years.

Join more than a million people delivering this message to EPA’s leader on March 20: Bees need help now.

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To: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

I am writing to urge your office to take action to protect declining bee populations from harmful neonicotinoid pesticides. EPA's current review of neonics like clothianidin isn't due to conclude until 2018. Meanwhile, bee-harming pesticides continue to be widely used.

While pathogens and habitat loss are also at play, a growing body of scientific evidence points to neonicotinoids—both alone and in combination with other pesticides and pathogens—as a clear contributing factor to recent pollinator declines. Bees need action before 2018.

U.S. beekeepers reported record-breaking losses last year, with some losing 40 to 70 percent of their hives. Beekeepers, and the agricultural industries relying on their bees, are in trouble.

Insect pollinators contribute $29 billion to the U.S. agricultural economy, with honeybees contributing a little over $19 billion of that. Continuing to lose a third or more of our honeybees each year is a significant cost that our economy, and beekeepers, cannot bear.

Today we ask that you find the courage and foresight to take action to protect bees—before it is truly too late.


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