SHR # 982 - The Original High Energy Carbohydrate Supplement Makes A Resurgence PLUS Muscle Saves Lives: The Story Of Karly Gomez

Guest: Brian Andrews - Jeff Golini & Karly Gomez

A look at the first high performance carbohydrate supplement and what we know now about how it works. PLUS Karly Gomez overcame great adversity and was diagnosed with conditions that simply disappeared when she started eating an ancestral diet and training in the gym with the goal of adding muscle to her body. Her story is an inspiration to all, women especially. She is a true Super Human.

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0 # Sebastian Jug 2012-05-31 14:29
I'd like to see Anthony Almeda or someone from GENR8 (Vitargo in the US) to give their perspective on the differences between it and Karbolyn.
Most IFBB pros I know recommend either one as a toss up.
+1 # Terri Benscoter 2012-05-30 13:43
Karly has inspired me! I have known her for many years, and her transformation is truly amazing!

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