SHR # 968 - We Pay Homage To Robert Kennedy PLUS The Godfather Of The Pineal Gland Gives An Update On Melatonin

Guest: Wayne DeMilia - Dennis Weis & Dr. Russell Reiter

Both DeMilia and Weis knew Robert Kennedy well. Both have some interesting perspectives of the man behind the publishing empire. PLUS The research on Melatonin continues to mount as Rd. Reiter brings us up to date on the marvels of this hormone molecule.

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0 # cogrick2 2012-05-12 08:27
Interesting, Michael Arch. I would like to read the full article, and compare it to research since its publication (2002). My thought, and I am sure T.S. Wiley would have thoughts, is that it might be natural and desirable for the thyroid gland to have reduced activity at night as part of the proposed "mutual relationship between the pineal gland and the thyroid."
+1 # Michael Arch 2012-05-09 23:00
Just want to bring another POV

Melatonin inhibits thyroid function.
pubmed link (and there are other studies):

in vivo studies have different results than in vitro specially on cancer cells like on the Oviedo, Spain study. In vitro has a positive effect on cancer but in vivo has negative effects on estrogen and prolactin production.

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