SHR # 966 - One Mans HRT Journey PLUS Physical Culture For The Blind

Guest: Vince Napoli & Bill Kociaba

Napoli is like many others who had to make the decision to get on HRT. Listen to his story and see if it sounds familiar PLUS Kociaba started his life with vision intact and then lost his sight after owning a gym and being a personal trainer. His story is inspiring.

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+1 # Judy Smyer 2012-06-01 12:06
Great show, lots of expertise here, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to learning more about Bill Kociaba's Body Magic Radio!
+1 # Lori 2012-05-22 13:47
HRT is an emerging option that as a woman I am enjoying the benefits of .
Also a very informative and inspiring story about Kociaba , we could all learn from his story !

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