SHR # 957 - Physique 2.0 Is Here!! PLUS New Technique Helps Severely Damaged Nerves Regrow And Restore Function

Guest: Vince Andrich & Dr. Frederick Claeyssens
Physique 2.0 is the latest MRP creation by Dr. Scott Connelly and Vince Andrich and promises to be a better product than MetRx was. The culmination of what Dr. Connelly has learned over the years, Physique 2.0 promises to maximize fat loss while creating the perfect muscle sparing/ muscle building environment and is modeled after Real Food! SHR Listeners get 20% off when they use "superhuman" coupon code at Myotropics PLUS Dr. Claeyssens' group have done for nerve regeneration what the TV Show "The Bionic Man" promised. Blending computer science and medicine!

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0 # cogrick2 2012-04-27 05:04
I tend to listen SHR while working and have a hard time focusing on the words of the occasional guest. I totally missed what Dr. Claeyssens' technology is, but I'll try again one day. :) I do know that Physique 2.0 arrives at my door today and that's good news!

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