SHR # 952 - Medical Orthodoxy FAIL: Man Given 3 Months To Live Is A Strength Athlete 8 Years Later PLUS When Weight Loss Goes Wrong: Fat Loss -vs.- Muscle Loss

Guest: Danny Aguirre & Dr. Bryant Stamford

Aguirre's story is inspirational and a great source of motivation for any of you out there who feel you have obstacles that are keeping your from achieving your goals PLUS Dr. Stamford is one of a few physicians who gets it. Muscle is important. Fad diets that don't account for muscle loss are dangerous and can be deadly.

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0 # Nestor Ventura 2012-04-16 17:06
I am a life long friend of Danny's and he was Best Man at my wedding along with my brother. While he and I live on opposite sides of Florida now and have not seen each other in a while I can vouch for his statements on his healthy eating, no smoking, and no drinking. From the time we were kids right up to our 30's Danny prodded me to workout with him and eat the same as him but I never got into it the way he did. While we did active things together like bicycling and diving I never could keep up with his workouts. I was shocked when he told me about his cancer and I never doubted he had the strength of body and character to fight it. I am honored to know him and consider him my friend. He inspires me now as he did when we were kids.

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