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Nutritional Idiocies - FDA Hypocrisies - Listener Questions - Final Thoughts

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-2 # Kirk Anderson 2012-04-08 22:37
Good and Bad - I gave you guys the maximum good rating on iTunes under donkirk73 and I love what you guys do re: health and nutrition, including the politics of bad health and nutrition. BUT, bashing President Obama regarding the marine and his facebook post has nothing to do with health and nutrition. I have only been listening to your show since early 2011 so perhaps I missed it, but did you guys ever criticize President George Bush for anything not related to health and nutrition? For anything related to health and nutrition? Do you guys plan on reporting all the racist things that have been said about President Obama? E.g. The judge that forwarded a racist email about President Obama? I could go on and on but you get my point. My real name and real email address was used in this message in case you want to reply back to me. Aside from political statements not related to health and nutrition I love your show.

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