SHR # 944 - Man Fired By His Doctor For Choosing Health Over Pharmaceuticals PLUS Haters And Gurus Of The Health Movement PLUS Over-thinking Paleo

Guest: James Howard Kunstler & Robb Wolf

Kunstler informed his doctor that he wanted off his Crestor and was eating a Paleo diet. His doctor fired him. Listen to his story and be ready to be shocked at what his doctor told him would happen if he continued in this direction PLUS Wolf identifies the detractors who may end up sullying the important Paleo message in hopes of carving out their niche as Guru PLUS some people over-think the Paleo Diet PLUS Wolf answers a Listener question about weaning a baby off breast milk and transitioning to solid foods.

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0 # Scott Jerzyk 2012-04-04 12:58
This was a fantastic show with another well informed guest. Mr. Kunstler's blog is excellent! Good to hear another example of a normal guy telling the medical orthodoxy to stick it.
Carl, which show had the professor of anthropology discussing the signs of the end of our civilization.
Thank you!

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