SHR # 924 - Ask The Expert: Listener Questions Answered PLUS Choosing Vitamins And Supplements For Children PLUS The Media Said It Was Mass Hysteria.. But Was It

Guest: Rob Regish & Dr. Jered Skowron

Regish has been asked to answer several questions by many listeners. He addresses his statement about Ephedrine use, timing of feeding and more. A special appearance by High School Gereth Denyer to discuss how the BluePrint has helped some of his athletes PLUS Dr. Skowron specifies what and how to choose Vitamins and Minerals for your child PLUS he addresses the real reason the NY School Girls who developed Turrets-like syndrome actually got sick and it wasn't mass hysteria like the media portrayed it.

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0 # Ivan N 2012-03-07 13:07
The Blueprint link (and website) is down. What's happening Rob?

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