SHR # 907 - Deconstructing The Andro Series v3 - AndroMass -vs- AndroBulk PLUS Sub Q Oil Injections: How, Where And How Much PLUS Steak: One Man's Search For The World's Tastiest Piece of Beef

Guest: Eric Potratz & Dr. John Crisler & Mark Schatzker

Potratz describes the difference between AndroMass and AndroBulk as well as expected gains in strength, dosing, timing and costs PLUS Dr. Crisler explains how to use subcutaneous injections with your oil-based HRT hormones instead of intramuscular PLUS Schatzker's journey was to find the finest tasting steak and it also lead him to the healthiest as well.

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0 # MNmadman 2012-02-13 23:19
Why does he no longer use 3mL? Favoring 1mL? Just for Sub-Q? Whats the benefit to 1mL? Tnx

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