SHR # 904 - hGH, Sugar And More In The News PLUS Poly-Phasic Sleep And The Accumulation Of Sleep Promoters

Guest: Dr. Dan Pardi

I cover some current news topics during the first hour as well as a little rant prompted by a comment made by a listener PLUS Dr. Pardi discusses the realities of poly-phasic sleep. He also explains how light, activity and our daytime lifestyle actually impairs our sleep later in the evening. A prescription of things you can do from the moment you awake and throughout the day to ensure you get that elusive great night's sleep is also discussed.

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0 # Kris 2012-02-19 15:20
Hey Carl,

Great show, thanks so much for the podcast. I'm a recent addict of your show and have been listening to it non stop since I stumbled upon the show about raw eating being more effective than steroids.

Lack of sleep is one of the most underrated epidemics in the world and no matter how much it's discussed people still don't take this issue seriously. Great show!
0 # Jeff Holland 2012-02-02 17:08
I started Age Force HGH because of Crohns disease. It was an amazing help within 1 week. Much Much better than anything big Pharma gives me.

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