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Are You SAD - US News Health Misses The Boat - Other Celebrities With T2 Diabetes - Are You Drinking Your Urine - 5 Worst Cookbooks Of 2011 - Where Do Your Pharmaceutical Drugs Really Come From - To Marry Or Not To Marry - For Women: What Your Sexuality Is Telling You -Antidepressants Make Old People Fall - More Wasted Money Researching Why People Are Obese - Plus Listener Email

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0 #2 Michael arch 2012-01-20 23:24
About the outsourcing of drug materials... Puerto Rico is part of the US. A lot of the drugs are manufactured in PR.
+1 #1 Alexandre Z Romero 2012-01-20 20:42
Lanore, I have to disagree with you, here in Brazil many poor people are gaining fat even don't eating "crap-food" like you say, and probably even don't surpass that much your calorie burn/calorie intake.
Well, I dont know for sure either but I think it could be some Cortisol explanation for that, high levels of cortisol, poor carbohydrate quality... fat gain...

It's good that are people studing this, its not a waste of money... Fifa world cup is a waste of money...

great program you make!

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