SHR # 894 - Put It Over Your Head: Old School Pressing And Shoulder Power PLUS SHR EXCLUSIVE: Candid Revelations Of A Pro Bodybuilding Legend - The Peter Grymkowski Story

Guest: Brooks Kubik - Peter Grymkowski & Randy Roach

Kubik revisits the benefits of the overhead standing military press and men who excelled at it PLUS Grymkowski and Roach talk about the real amounts of androgens that bodybuilders in the 1970's were using.

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0 # Daniel Harvey 2012-06-10 03:28
The amount of drugs taken is incredible. I read this in muscles smoke and mirrors vol ii also, but until this i had no where via the internet to share my thoughts.

There is only so much a muscle can take surely? Rotating injection sites, one would imagine, would be very difficult on such high volume drugs.

Also it seems the Pete got by on next to no sleep, I know he said about hypnosis, but training for 7 hours at time, surely that warrants a decent rest.

I think it would be a mistake here for anyone that has listened to think they should stay on steroids indefinately. Especially if they are taking the generally accepted amounts for physical enhancement purposes.
Having said all that I appreciate the frankness of Pete Grymkowski. Thanks

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