SHR # 889 - Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 8: Working Around Injuries: Elbows, Shoulders, Biceps and Knees PLUS A Primer On Getting Better Sleep PLUS Revisiting Two Old Training Protocols: HIT and Body Contract Traini

Guest: Rob Regish & Coach Wade Johnson - Pam Killeen

Johnson and Regish cover how to avoid injuries to the Elbows, Shoulders, Biceps and Knees and added in the Back as well as how to rehabilitate them once injured and how to train while injured PLUS Killeen gives the 7 Tips To A Better Night's Sleep and answers a listener question PLUS I detail the precepts of two old training methods - High Intensity Training and Body Contract Training as a refresher for those who have forgotten them or never heard about them.

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