SHR # 872 - Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 7: Realistic Goal Setting For 2012 PLUS The Next Frontier In Training: Autoregulatory Training

Guest: Rob Regish - Coach Wade Johnson & Mike T. Nelson

This entire show will give you what you need to know to make 2012 the best year for making gains in strength and muscle mass. Coach Johnson and Regsih talk about how to set realistic goals and Nelson shows you how to gauge if you're really making progress.

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0 # George 2011-12-17 07:01
You know how you read about something in the news and you have to stop and say to yourself - WTF were they thinking?? Well this is idiotic - I have always liked Wade, but if i remember correctly didn't he just get out of a long term relationship that was revealed on a recent show? Now just a few weeks after being a single guy he is getting married to someone he hasn't seen in 27 years? Really? Wade you seem like a great person and I look forward to your interviews here, but I think we may need to revoke your Man Card.
0 # cogrick2 2011-12-16 07:38
Carl, can you shorten the URL of this tweet? It is much longer than the URL associated with the "download an episode" link and prevents re-tweeting.

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