SHR # 866 - Paleo On A Budget: Feeding A Family Of Five

Guest: Julie Sullivan Mayfield & Charles Mayfield

Many people complain that eating Paleo or an Ancestral Diet is expensive. Especially when feeding a family. The most costly is acquiring quality animal protein by far. The Mayfields give some great tips on staying in your current budget and increasing the quality of your family's nutrition while keeping great tasting recipes involved.

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0 # Barry 2011-12-12 00:07
Hi Carl. Enjoyed this show very much. I only wish it was easy as you make it sound to buy raw milk for $8/gallon through cow shares. Not even possible in California that I know of. How about $5/ guart at Farmers Market in San Diego, only two times per month. I should move to Kentucky I guess. If you know of cow/milk shares in the San Diego area, please let us know.

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