SHR # 850 - New Rules Of Dating PLUS Dinosaur Body Weight Training

Guest: Dr. Judy Kuriansky & Brooks Kubik

Dating is not a simple as it once was because we expect more from life and our partners. Dr. Judy sums up some very valuable information to help anyone - young or old - who finds themselves searching for a mate PLUS Building a ripped muscular body without weights?!?! Kubik says he can show you how.

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0 # Charlie P 2011-11-10 12:04
Hi Carl,

Great show. Going to try the slim rope pullups later today.

For episodes on hand training and injury treatment/preve ntion, I recommend Dale Dugas (Brooks knows him). For Mind-body connection training I recommend Dr. John Painter.

P.S. Recently began drinking Raw milk, and love it. Wish I had found it sooner!


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