SHR # 833 - The Confidence Coach PLUS Exploring New Peptides: IGF-1 DES 3,1 And GH Fragments For Fat Loss

Guest: Keith Johnson & Dr. Philip Filimanov

Does strength beget confidence or does confidence beget strength? This and many other questions are addressed by Johnson PLUS Dr. Filimanov clears up a lot of questions about this new form of IGF-1 and hGH Fragment and many other questions about peptides.

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0 # Robert Regish 2011-10-12 16:15
Fantastic interview/infor mation. Ori was advocating fasting before fasting was cool... :) Been using the Warrior Diet since 1999 and both his book on such and "Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat" are fantastic. Can't wait to buy this book, dig into it and weave what I learn into The Blueprint!

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