SHR # 830 - Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 2 PLUS Farm-To-Table And Farm-To-School Realities

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson & Rob Regish - Lorin Fahrmeir & Robin Gammon

Listener Spotlight: Shawn Bellon

The discussion turns to listener-suggested questions as we continue to sort out usable real-world methods of acquiring strength no matter where you are right now. Coach Johnson and Regish have different approaches that compliment one an-other's. Bellon shares his experience as well as a special listener-panel member. Johnson and Regish share two obscure lifts that are not often attempted that may be the answer for many of us PLUS Fahrmeir and Gammon are on a mission to spread the word and bring greater acceptance to locally sourced foods and local farmers. We need more of this.

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0 # cogrick2 2011-10-10 18:43
I agree DaGymWarrior. I've been doing step ups with a nice strong lift of the other foot while pressing the hip forward and was only able to do sets of about 8 reps with a 20-lb dumbbell in each hand. I quasi-supersett ed with deadlifting and man was I sweating. Really drive the leg down when you step up, and then shoot up with the other leg while keeping your balance. Excellent stuff, Rob Regish, and also to Wade Johnson and Carl Lanore, I love this series!
0 # DaGymWarrior 2011-10-07 19:15
Excellent show! Especially liked the tips about the bench press and step ups by Rob Regish. Will definitely try those out on upcoming workouts.

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