# 749 - Chickens In The Hood PLUS Is 597 "Normal" Testosterone For A 21 Year Old PLUS Amino Acids For Super Humans Part Three

Guest: Steve Lewis & Dr. John Crisler & Dr. Andro

Lewis discusses the realities of Urban Chicken Coops for real fresh eggs right at your back door PLUS Dr. Crisler answers a question from a 21 year old with low testosterone PLUS Dr. Andro gives the third installment on the Amino Acid series.

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0 # Steve Lewis 2011-06-09 21:13
Wow Carl! Thanks for having me on today. I really enjoyed getting to share some information with your listeners.

Steve Lewis
Chickens in the Hood
0 # Listener 2011-06-09 19:21
THe download now link is for the wrong show

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