# 578 - BEST OF - A Remedy For Chronic Overuse Injuries

Guest: Dr. Donna Alderman

NOTE: This is one of what were lost episodes. Due to a portable hard drive corruption I have not had access to these shows. They are a series of shows I did in 2008 that are all under 40 minutes long but cover lots of good information. Thanks to forensic data recovery they are now able to be enjoyed.

Chronic repetitive overuse injuries can last years with no relief. Prolotherapy may be the only solution.

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0 # Carl Lanore 2010-09-10 17:23
Quoting d4damage:
Thanks Carl, this is just what I was after.

glad you like it d4....
+2 # d4damage 2010-09-10 17:12
Thanks Carl, this is just what I was after.

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