SHR # 1914 :: Adding Milk, Meat to Diet Dramatically Improves Nutrition and Lifestyle for Poor Zambians + The Truth About Meat and Mortality + Exogenous Ketones. Weight Loss, Motor Performance, Anxiety and Introducing 1,3 Butynediol ::

cow milk meat

Dr. Peter Goldsmith - Alex Leaf - Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

Talk about changing the discussion. Listen to this interview and your view of a meat-free world will be turned on its ear. PLUS What's the real truth about meat consumption and mortality? Don't believe the media soundbites just yet. PLUS Emerging research on exogenous ketones is so exciting. We discuss the newest benefits of exogenous ketones on weight loss, metabolic parameters, exercise and performance as well as ketone salts -vs- esters and butynediol.. the ketone supplement for the extreme.

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