SHR # 1810 :: Science For Humans: Branch Chain Amino Acids + A Broken Circadian Clock Can Raise Blood Pressure, Promote Disease + Study Links Irregular Sleep Schedules to Adverse Metabolic Health in Women + How Yoga May Impact Glaucoma ::

Science For Humans with Dr. Jeff Golini

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Dr. Dan Rudic - Briana Taylor - Dr. Robert Ritch

Branch Chain Amino Acids Basics are covered. How, when, how much and more are discussed. PLUS Physicians regularly tell their patients with high blood pressure to cut out all sodium. But what happens if their blood pressure actually goes up in the face of a low sodium diet? And why does this happen? PLUS We all like to stay up later on the weekends. Does this impact a woman's health? And if so, how much of an effect? PLUS People with glaucoma need to hear this if they partake in regular Yoga classes or extreme weight-bearing exercises.

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