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SHR # 1761 :: BEST OF :: Roemheld Syndrome: The Gastric - Cardiac Connection

Roemheld Syndrome: The Gastric - Cardiac Connection

Guest:  Dr. Michael Smith

This show originally aired in 2010 and continues to get request for it to be re-air.  - Ludwig Roemheld was a physician in the late 1800's doing caloric intake research when he stumbled upon a critical link between the stomach and the heart. Roemheld Syndrome was taught to physician in the early to mid 1900's but is all but ignored by physicians today. Sufferers of RS are usually dismissed by their doctors as being hypochondriacs. Treating the heart and not the stomach in Roemheld Syndrome sufferers can be fatal.

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0 # Crystal Sage 2016-07-13 22:30
Balancing the iodine and magnesium is important too... I keep reading more and more about the benefits of higher doses of vitamin C in every thing to do with health... How does high dosages of Vitamin C work here .. as I know it aids digestion.. reduces pain.. boosts collagen.. the metabolistic byproduct of Vitamin C ( hydrogen peroxide) destroys most harmful bacteria.. detoxes.. etc..
+2 # Paul 2015-12-25 07:34
The vagus nerve is quickly turning into the holy grail of homeostasis and overall health. It's being linked to almost every autoimmune and neurological disorder that has been identified.
One thing I'd like to add is for everyone to get a full blood panel and take a look at minerals and electrolytes first. I had tachycardia with gas after meals due to inflammation of the vagus nerve, which was linked to a pretty serious potassium deficiency. When I started taking potassium supplements, it stimulated the peristalsis needed to move the digestive tract, reduced gas and re-balanced the heart rhythm. Keep your minerals balanced first. Magnesium/calci um/potassium/so dium/chloride. Once I got these checked and balanced, it also gave me back energy and focus.

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