SHR # 1749 :: Physical Culture Radio: Questions About The Bench Press + A New Look AT An Old Problem: Andropause ::

Physical Culture Radio with Brooks Kubik

Co-host: Brooks Kubik :: Guest: Dr. George Touliatos

Listener questions are answered about the Bench Press. Is the pause at the bottom important for building a big bench? What about accessory exercises? Is there a good Bench Press Program available? PLUS When we discuss andropause we always think of it as an American condition. How do other countries deal with Andropause? What about countries where testosterone is not a controlled substance? What about multi-hormone protocols for men?

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0 # Nick C 2016-02-26 14:25
Hi Carl and Brooks!

I just wanted to make a comment on the first section of this addition of physical culture radio. I think the two of you may be throwing the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, when you say that strength and HEALTH can only be achieved if on consumes animal protein. My father has adopted a vegan diet after my mother passed of cancer (he read the China Study). He is in the best health of his life (he doesn't eat any soy) because he eats large quantities of vegetables and fruits and juices as well. He has only had trouble when he starts to eat too much gluten (which he now has an intolerance of). I myself have from time to time have followed a vegan only diet, mostly by juicing. On one occasion, I got a general checkup before I started the juice diet, and once after and within weeks I had better blood pressure and general health blood results and I was still getting stronger in the gym. Is that diet maintainable? I'd say no but only because I see better results in size from animal protein. I may attempt to follow it for a few months one day and see if strength falls off. Now maybe my dad and myself are the outliers you speak of, but I think it is a bit much to say someone cannot have a healthy life without animal protein. There is a Russian bobsled olympic gold medalist and 9 time world arm wrestling champion named Alexey Voyevoda who has followed a vegan diet for 3 years and says he has gotten up to 320kg in a lunge. He says he only takes BCAA (now fair enough he may be on gear as well) . I do eat animal protein mainly because of the cost of eating so many vegetables and heck I enjoy meat not going to lie, but my dad is still vegan and trains 4 days a week at 65 and will continue to do so until he is no longer with us. Also look at Bill Pearl, he's a proclaimed lacto-ovo vegetarian and is near 86 (I think) and trains in his barn 5 days a week at 4:00AM in the morning. Now that's a big statement for the power of strength training for health, but I would also argue for how important vegetables are for longevity more so than animal protein. You cannot dismiss the power of vegetables and fruits, in my opinion if lifters were half as concerned with consuming good vegetables and fruits as they are with consuming protein they'd not only be in the best health ever, but they would also create a lifestyle that will lead to life long training. Just my two cents, love the show guys!
0 # Andrew 2015-12-02 19:08
Your observations about roids and Mexico are still accurate.
0 # joe blow 2015-11-16 18:35
this fucking audio!!! my god!!!

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