SHR # 1748 :: Science For Humans: The Thin Line Between Losing Body Fat And Maintaining Muscle + Krav Maga For Fitness And Self Defense ::

Science For Humans with Dr. Jeff Golini

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Eyal Yanilov

Shedding fat while not losing muscle is a science that was perfected many years ago. But today's diets ignore what we know about our Evolutionary gifts that protect us against starvation and leverage a "fed state". Wan tot know what you need to do to get shredded? What if it's exactly the opposite of what you think you should be doing? PLUS Krav Maga is a self defense style that evolved out of necessity. The necessity of neutralizing a threat as quickly as possible while following the economy of movement. Its effectiveness is also why you'll never see it integrated into MMA. So how do you get started in this self defense method? What do you need to know about your current physical abilities? Can women and children be effective at Krav Maga?

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