SHR # 1741 :: Jumping Rope Around The Globe + In Defense Of Low Fat: A Call For Some Evolution Of Thought ::

Buddy Lee jumping rope

Guest: Buddy Lee - Denise Minger

Learning to jump rope can improve cardiovascular conditioning, sport performance, brain function and slow the signs of aging. A jump rope costs much less than any fancy piece of cardio equipment and takes up a lot less room. So why aren't you jumping rope? PLUS We go form one dietary template to the other without taking along with us what is actually good about the one we're leaving behind. Can a low fat diet actually improves oem health conditions? What does a real "low fat" diet look like?

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+2 # John Sleishman 2015-10-20 20:26
Hi, if I have read Chris Masterjohn's comments on "should we
avoid animal protein to optimize methylation" correctly, I believe he advises increasing glycine, B12, B6 and folate rather than decrease methionine to avoid being low in taurine, sulphte and glutathione. and also to balance the whole methylation process (responsible for growth, healing, life extension, preventing cancer, and promoting mental, physical and emotion health) so we are not over methylated or under methylated which either condition have long lists of medical problems. Cheers John

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