SHR # 1729 :: Science For Humans: Iron + Study Finds Increased Risk Of Monoclonal Gammopathy In Viet Nam Vets Exposed To Agent Orange + BREAKING NEWS: Monsanto's Sealed Documents On Roundup's Toxicology Dangers Revealed ::

Science For Humans with Dr. Jeff Golini

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Dr. Ola Landgren - Dr. Stephanie Seneff - Dr. Anthony Samsel

We discuss iron. What it is. What deficiencies appear to present. Good food sources and supplements. PLUS We've always thought that Agent Orange caused various types of cancers. This study proves it by showing the link between a protein elevated in those exposed to Agent Orange and that protein's link to multiple myeloma. PLUS Monsanto and the EPA have waged an assault on human health. These documents show that Monsanto knows the dangers of Roundup, their popular weed killer, and the EPA knows it too. So why are they still allowing it to be used on your food?

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Transcript: Monsanto's Sealed Documents On Roundup's Toxicology Dangers Revealed


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