SHR # 1723 :: The Linkage Between Metformin And Beneficial Gut Microbe Changes + Genetic Adaptations To High-Fat And Cold Had Profound Effects On The Inuit ::

inuit hunting polar bear

Guest: Dr. Matt Andry - Dr. Rasmus Nielsen

Often times pharmaceutical companies aren't sure how their drugs work. Could Metformin have some unintended beneficial effects? Could it stimulate the development of a gut microbe that not only helps blood sugar but also has some other unintended benefits? PLUS For many years Carl has promoted the notion that just because a diet works for a specific population that doesn't mean it will work for you. This study elucidates this fact very clearly. This interview inadvertently puts a stake in the heart of many long-lived population dietary templates like the Okinawan Diet and China Study and states that genetic specificity matters.

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