SHR # 1688 :: Science For Humans: Genetically Modified Foods 101 + Neurological And Psychiatric Disorders In Endocrine Diseases + Study Shows GMO Soy Produces Excess Formaldehyde And Disrupts Natural Plant Metabolism ::

soy plant and beans

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Dr. Gianluca Tamagno - Dave Murphy

This is a recap of GMO general science, purported safety and industry -vs- non industry positions. PLUS Depression, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's Disease and other Neurological - psychological diseases have endocrine linkages. So why don't physicians look at hormone lab work before prescribing drugs? PLUS This one study may be the deal-breaker in the FDA's and USDA's position that GMO soy is "substantially equivalent" to non-GMO soy. So why isn't the mainstream media covering this study?

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