SHR # 1681 :: Some Heartburn Drugs May Boost Risk of Heart Attack + The Determinant Of Visceral Fat Using Twins + A Review Of Fish Oil And Blood Triglycerides ::

overweight senior man hand grabbing his chest

Guest: Dr. John Cooke - Dr. Tyler Bosch - Dr. David Ma

Proton-pump Inhibitors are a $14 billion a year class of drugs. Some are even now available OTC. They increase the risk of heart attack with significance in both the general population as well as those who have already had cardiac events. PLUS Some believe the development of visceral fat - the most dangerous form of body fat - is genetically driven. This twin study answers that question. PLUS This general review of Omega 3 fats from fish and fish oil supplements is very powerful. Taken for heart heath, Omega 3's continue to outperform their expectations in a variety of health outcomes.

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