SHR # 1676 :: Rethinking Obesity Counseling: Having the French Fry Discussion + Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics ::

obese man's belly

Guest: Dr. Jonathan Bonnet - Dr. Jason Hawrelak

Childhood obesity begins at a very young age. Guiding children and families is one of the duties of a Primary Care Physician. So why don't more Primary Care Physicians help to head-off the Childhood Obesity epidemic? Dr. Bonnet looked at why more Primary Care Physicians aren't having these discussion with their patients. PLUS Some think taking probiotics are a waste of time. Dr. Hawrelak has an opinion. We discuss if they're effective, what role prebiotics play and a new player to the discussion - synbiotics. We also cover general gut health, facts and myths about gut health and treatments.

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