SHR # 1674 :: Another Case Against the Midnight Snack + In a Healthy Gut Microbes Wax and Wane Throughout the Day ::

a lady snacking at late night

Guest: Dr. Amadine Chaix - Dr. Amir Zarrinpar

The high fat diet is considered the cause of obesity today. What if it's not the high fat but the timing of your consumption that leads to body fat accumulation. Dr Amadine looks at this and her discovery may change the way we look at late-night snacking. This furthers the notion that it's not about calories and diet is not a mathematical equation. PLUS Circadian rhythm affects every area of the human body. It's no wonder that it also affects the microbes that we play host to. The cyclical nature of how our microbiome ebbs and flows gives not only insight into how it affects obesity but how we can take advantage of this phenomenon.

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