SHR # 1645 :: The Get Strong Show: New Crop of Young Strength Competitors + Men at Greater Risk of Dying From Osteoporosis Than Women + Fish Oil Increases Muscle Mass and Strength in Older Adults ::

fish oil supplements

Co-host: Coach Wade Johnson :: Guest: Gisele Wolf-Klein - Dr. Bettina Mittendorfer

Some teens take a path less traveled. A path of Physical Culture, and what it gives them is life-long rewards. PLUS While men suffer from osteoporosis less often, more men die from its complications than women. PLUS Yet another reason to take fish oil supplements. They're anabolic!

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+4 # John Sleishman 2015-05-26 19:22
Please get Chris Masterjohn on to talk about the dangers of cox inhibitors (non steroidal anti-inflammato ry drugs and high dose fish oil) and how they interfere with a natural body process. This way we can get the other side of the story ie a balanced view. When I look in the mirror of a morning I don't see you?

cheers John from Australia
+2 # Carl Lanore 2015-05-27 08:47
Contact email sent! Sit tight. - Carl
+2 # Carl Lanore 2015-05-27 08:34
I will contact him today! I like to keep things balanced. although the analogy of gills isn't a good one IMHO. I don't have feathers either but I eat chicken and eggs :lol: . I get your point however. Fish Oil is just an efficient way to get Omega 3 FA's. The triglyceride-bo und form continues to outperform plant based N3's time and time again. Ok.. lets get to it. Thanks for the suggestion and consider it done John! - Carl

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