SHR # 1599 :: The BluePrint Power Hour + Microbiome Disruption: Linkage Between Widely Used Food Additives, Colitis, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome + Low Intensity vs. High Intensity Workouts ::

woman with chrons disease cramping in pain

Co-host: Rob Regish :: Guest: Dr. Andrew Gewirtz - Dr. Robert Ross

Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS IBS, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's Disease are at epidemic levels. These two common food additives have been shown to cause these disorders. Also learn what these food additives have to do with promoting obesity and insulin resistance. PLUS The low intensity vs. high intensity exercise discussion is nothing new. What is new is that what constitutes high intensity to reduce obesity and improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management isn't that hard to achieve.

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