SHR # 1598 :: Conflict Ideology and the Psychologies of Friendship and Followership + The Role of Consciousness in Expanding Brain Function + Moving Towards a Cancer Specific Diet ::

business friends and leaders

Guest: Dr. Michael Peterson - Ken O'Neill - Dr. Federico Bozzetti

We choose friends and leaders very differently. Mostly on looks. Dr. Peterson discusses this phenomenon and it was quite surprising to learn what makes a great leader varies by the perceived threat. PLUS The movie Lucy has sparked many discussion about ways to increase brain function. It's not through learning or intellect. Its a result of expanding consciousness. O'Neill and Lanore investigate this. PLUS We have specific diets for a variety of disease states. Why not cancer? This is the question that led Dr. Bozzetti on his recent study. So what is the best diet for those suffering from, and being treated for cancer?

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