SHR # 1595 :: Science For Humans: Carbohydrates - Friend or Foe + Screening for Diabetes in the Dentist Chair + Ancient Grain: Could Spelt Be the Answer for Grain Sensitivities ::

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Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Dr. Shiela Strauss - Don Stinchcomb

On this episode of SFH Dr. Golini discusses how carbohydrates have been unfairly demonized. Different types of carbohydrates have all been lumped into one group. Those who are more interested in performance need to choose their carbohydrates wisely. PLUS In the dentist chair there's an opportunity to screen people for Type 2 Diabetes so those estimated 8 million pre-diabetics a year can make the changes to avoid developing full blown diabetes. Dr. Strauss discuses her study that shows testing in the dentist chair is as reliable as in the doctors office. PLUS So many people spend so much money rightfully trying to find alternatives to wheat. Stinchcomb discusses the sordid history of wheat over some 10,000 years and how Spelt has been unchanged since its inception some 8,500 years ago. Spelt may be all you need as an alternative to modern wheat.

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