SHR # 1591 :: Physical Culture Radio + Motivation Plus Exercise Equals Moticise + Love and Intimacy in Later Life ::

Super Human Radio Show # 1589 with Brooks Kubik, Sonia Stra and Dr. David Lee

Co-Host: Brooks Kubik :: Guest: Sonia Satra - Dr. David Lee

This is the first episode of the regularly scheduled Physical Culture Radio. Kubik discusses Successful Aging and the role of Physical Culture in that process. PLUS Many will remember Satra as actress and soap opera star. Her message delivered in her new DVD is an important one. What you think about when you exercise shapes your life! PLUS Sex after 70 is more common than most want to think according to Dr. Lee's study and that's good news for those of us who are aging successfully!

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Image Credits/Model: Sonia Satra

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