SHR # 1588 :: Psychology Profession Wants to Make "Healthy Eating" a Mental Disorder + Can Bees Be Saved by “Natures Medicine Cabinet"? ::

a woman choosing what healthy food to eat

Guest: Brooks Kubik – Alisa Profumo - Dr. Leif Richardson

In a recent article that’s being parroted by the mainstream media, the Eating Disorder Treatment Collaborative is looking to label anyone who puts any thought into what they eat as having a mental disorder. If you use the term “Clean Eating” you might be mentally ill. Kubik applies the guidelines for this new broad-sweeping approach to Orthorexia as described in the DSM to Lanore only to discover that the host of Super Human Radio is in fact mentally ill! Profumo joins the show at Kubiks request to give the female perspective to this new over-reaching approach by the Psychiatric industry. PLUS Want to help the bees survive? Plant tobacco. But not just any type of tobacco.. heirloom tobacco. Dr. Richardson discusses his most recent paper that looks at the role of nicotine in the health of bees as well as the role of neonicotinoids in their demise.

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