SHR # 1585 :: Science for Humans: The Perfect Human Diet + Paleo F(x) 2015 + NASA Seeks Advice for Astronauts Training from Physical Culture Trainer ::

Science For Humans with Dr. Jeff Golini

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Michelle Norris - Keith Norris

Most people invest a lot of thought and effort into a diet selection. Many so-called diets fall into the category of “fad diet”. Dr. Golini discusses some of the top-line diets that dot the landscape today and explains where their strengths and weaknesses lie. PLUS Paleo F(x) 2015 promises to be an amazing event in the city of Austin Texas. Over 20 New York Times Best Selling Authors will be among the many presenters. One of the things that Paleo F(x) brings to the discussion that many of the other Paleo platforms fail to address is the role of activity as part of the ancestral lifestyle. Paleo is not only about the diet! Michelle and Keith Norris discuss this. Then Keith discusses his recant invitation to take part in a NASA roundtable event. The scientist at NASA are finally seeing that their astronauts need to focus on the acquisition of strength and muscle. Who better to turn to than the Physical Culture community?

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