SHR # 1581 :: TEFR: AMPK and mTOR Balances - The New Longevity Mutation + Reconnecting With The Primordial Driver: Electromagnetic Pulses ::

The Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio Show with Ken O'Neill

Co-host: Ken O'Neill :: Guest: Jerry Brainum - Paul F. Becker

On this episode of TEFR Jerry Brainum joins Lanore and O’Neill to discuss the rapid-aging effects of the bodybuilding lifestyle. An emphasis on mTOR which drives protein synthesis also drives the aging process. But improving AMPK can not only balance this out but improve longevity and healthy aging. We discuss how to improve AMPK to mTOR levels naturally as well as pharmaceutically. PLUS Like air, water and food, we have evolved depending upon their availability. And these things have shaped our evolution as well. An less obvious contributor to our evolution is the electromagnetic pulses that we have lived in contact with that emanate from the earth. Becker discusses how this portion of the Earths electromagnetic field  known as the  Schumann Resonance is critical to life and health. Also discussed is how you can emulate these waves in your own home.

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