SHR # 1580 :: Science for Humans: Lysine for Shingles and Fever Sores + The Pros and Cons of CLA + Low-carbohydrate Diets for Diabetes and Obesity ::

Science For Humans with Dr. Jeff Golini

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: Dr. Sailas Benjamin - Franziska Spritzler

On this episode of Science for Humans Dr. Golini explains how the amino acid Lysine can prevent and reverse various forms of the Herpes virus including Shingles. PLUS Conjugated Linoleic Acid has long been touted as a fat loss agent within the fitness community. Dr. Benjamin and colleagues did a review of all the literature available and addressed all of the purported benefits of CLA as well as some very troublesome adverse effects. PLUS Spritzer is a Registered Dietician who is challenging all Dieticians who work with Type 2 Diabetic patients to rethink carbohydrates.  Her new book is the culmination of her training plus real-world experience that dictates that anyone with elevated blood sugar levels needs to reduce carbohydrate intake in order to reverse the condition over time.

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