SHR # 1578 :: Anti-Planet-Fitness Fitness: The Progress Free Zone + Connecticut Mom Says Son Developed Autism Immediately After MMR Vaccine ::

anti-planet fitness - planet fitness logo parody

Co-host: Brooks Kubik :: Guest: Dr. Jared Skowron

Planet Fitness calls themselves the “judgment free zone” but is the only gym chain that discriminates and regularly asks members to leave based upon their physique and training intensity. But are they doing their member a great disservice? Or is their business model designed to specifically attract the type of member that makes gyms the greatest profit? The member who pays their monthly dues but doesn’t use the facility. Kubik and Lanore discuss this and other topics related to Planet Fitness. PLUS A few months ago it was Ebola. Now it’s Measles. If you listen to the media we are facing a “measles outbreak” but Dr. Skowron points out that the rate of measles we are seeing has not changed in many years. So why the sky-is-falling propaganda? And is the MMR Vaccine safe and without any risks or side effects? One mom in Connecticut would disagree.

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