SHR # 1577 :: Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio: Leveraging Neurofeedback + The Linkage Between Immune Response, Inflammation and Depression ::

human brain illustration on a electromagnetic waves background

Co-host: Ken O'Neill :: Guest: Dr. Dennis Romig - Dr. George Slavich

On this episode of TEFR O’Neill and Lanore are joined by Neurofeedback Practitioner Dr. Romig. By using the science of encephalopathy Dr. Romig can see how you brain reacts to various emotions and thought processes. Once the brain is mapped the healing can begin. This works for depression, anxiety  and the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury. PLUS Dr. Slavich discusses his paper linking stress and environmental factors that cause the immune response to be engaged. The Immune System triggers inflammation, and chronic inflammation triggers depression. This research frames depression in a different way. Not exclusively a neuro/psychiatric issue but instead a metabolic issue.

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