SHR # 1576 :: Science for Humans: The Bad and Ugly of Creatinine + Physical Culture Radio: The Great Muscle-Building Hoax + Orbit Nutrition Goes Bricks and Mortar ::

creatinine molecular model

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini - Brooks Kubik :: Guest: Mitch Barham

On  this installment of Science for Humans Dr. Golini discusses the negative effects of high levels of creatinine. We get creatinine from our diet as well as it’s produced by the body naturally. He discusses how to reduce your intake of creatinine by the way you cook your foods as well as the way you supplement your creatine! He also explains how you can get a free copy of his book The Dangers of Creatinine. PLUS Kubik joins Lanore to discuss the perpetration of a hoax on those who are less-suspecting – namely the younger fans of Physical Culture. We see examples of this hoax every day. Learn how to avoid being taken. PLUS Most business that start out as brick and mortar establishments end up going Internet to reach a larger audience. Barham has taken the strength of his Internet Supplement Distribution business and added a grass-roots channel. He has opened a retail location in Spokane to provide what he feels is missing from the retail supplement business.

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