SHR # 1571 :: High-protein Diet for Weight Loss: Mechanisms and Caveats + Science for Humans: Creatine Revisited + The Bowhead Whale Lives Over 200 Years. Can its Genes Tell Us Why? ::

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Co-host: Dr. Jeff Golini :: Guest: - Dr. Dominik Pesta - Dr. J. Pedro Magalhaes

High protein diets have been embraced for the weight loss effects. Dr. Pesta did a review of the available research to determine how a high protein diet works. How it promotes weight loss. What potential negative effects there are. The upper limits of protein intake. PLUS Dr. Golini is credited with introducing creatine monohydrate to the sports supplement industry some 25 years ago. Since then creatine has become the most studied sports supplement in the world, and the most misunderstood. PLUS The Bowhead whale lives over 200 years. Its genes may give us insight into how to extend human life. This work is just beginning as Dr. Magalhaes explains.

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