SHR # 1570 :: The BluePrint Power Hour + The Microbes We Eat: Abundance and Taxonomy of Microbes Consumed in a Day's Worth of Meals for 3 Diet Types + Naturopathy -vs- Allopathy ::

probiotics rich foods

Co-host: Rob Regish :: Guest: Dr. Angela Zivkovic - Michael Schwartz

Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS While the focus is on taking supplemental probiotic microbes, we get beneficial microbes in our diet as well. Dr. Zivkovic decided to look at three dietary templates  - the Standard American Diet dependent upon fast-foods and convenient-foods, the USDA Recommended diet and a Vegan diet – to determine the amount and type of microbes consumed in a single days meals. The results were surprising. Before the early 1800’s there was only Naturopathic Medicine. Then a new type of medicine sprang forth that looked to suppress only the symptoms of condition as opposed to addressing the cause of an illness which is what Naturopaths focused upon. Allopathic medicine was born. Fast forward and we see Naturopathic Medicine gaining popularity again as people realize that most Allopathic approaches leave them broken and ill in the end.

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