SHR # 1569 :: Arch Height and Obesity-related Walking Limitations + Calling Out the USDA and DHHS on the Creation of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans ::

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Guest: Dr. Simone Gill - Adele Hite - Pamela Schoenfeld

Obese and overweight people are told to move more. Foot problems that lead to gait issues cause limitations in their ability to be more active. But what role does the foot play in the progression of obesity? Dr. Gill discusses a study recently published that looks specifically at the quality of the arch and its role in both being affected by weight gain and possibly contributing to weight gain. PLUS It has been  long understood by those of us paying attention that the US Government’s dietary recommendations are at best incorrect and misguided,  and at worst causing many of the diseases of modernity. Two unlikely heroes from the Dietician Community have written an open letter to the USDA’s Secretary of Agriculture – the agency tasked with creating these dietary guidelines – Tom Vilsac, citing a paper they published in the Journal Nutrition that shows conclusively that the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines are wrong and putting people at great risk if followed. Hite and Schoenfled discuss the important points that cannot go unaddressed any longer.

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