SHR # 1568 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Carl Lanore and Alisa Profumo

Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo   Guest: Dr. Lena Wilfert

Carl Admits He’s Guilty of Not Taking His Own Advice - New Driving Distracted Ordinance Gives Law Enforcement More Opportunities to Ticket You - Singapore Fines Man $15,000 for Littering with Cigarette Butts – Dr. Wilfert Explains: Wild Bees At Risk of Diseases from Commercially Raised Bees – More Conflicting Studies on the Health Risks of Being Obese - How Much Time do you Really Have?  - Actor Bradley Cooper Trains and Eats Like a Super Human to Gain Muscle and Strength for His Role in American Sniper - Could You be Suffering From…Toxic Home Syndrome? – New Plastic Industry Study Says BPA is OK and FDA Says See We Told You So… Like Either Should Be Trusted – New Study Says e-Cigarettes Worse Than Tobacco for Second-Hand Vapor – Sorry Michelle Obama… Pizza is Not A Healthy Food Choice for Children – McDonald’s French Fries Loaded With a Lot More Than Just Toxic Potatoes – Is Clean Eating a Myth? – Plus More

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